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Peeka's Sweet Treats, LLC

Special Occasions, Parties, Baby Showers or Just Because

This Online Bakery Has Everything You Need!

708-646-8505 or

[email protected]

Web Store

Web Store

Cupcakes Per Dozen


Qty. 12 - $25

Cupcake Flavors:

*Red Velvet  *White Chocolate Raspberry  *Oreo  *Birthday Cake  *Salted Caramel  *Banana Pudding  *Peach Cobbler  *Lemon  *Double Chocolate  *French Vanilla  *Caramel Macchato *Exotic Berry  *Watermelon  *Key Lime  *Strawberry Short Cake

Frosting Flavors:

Butter Cream/Cream Cheese/Vanilla Bean/Chocolate

What flavor cupcakes? What flavor & color frosting?

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